Rimondi Residences Rethymno

Rethymno - Crete

The contemporary and the classic come together at Rimondi Residences Rethymno, a luxurious five-star serviced property on the island of Crete. Nestled in the heart of a historical city, Rimondi Residences Rethymno is a terrace-style maisonette designed for modern living.


Rimondi Residences Chania

Chania - Crete

At the picturesque village of Nerokouros, a suburb of the city of Chania, at a distance of 15km from the International Airport and 5km from the Port, meet the ideal relaxation settlement with the breathtaking view of Rimondi Residences - Chania.


Rimondi Residences Epanomi

Epanomi - Chalkidiki

Located in a quiet village on the seafront, Rimondi Residences Epanomi is a classic Greek home with a welcoming soul. Life moves slowly here, in a place where the gentle lapping of the waves serenades every morning, and the gentle hum of small-town life invites you into a state of absolute peace.