Rimondi Residences Epanomi

The Chalkidiki peninsula unfolds before you at Rimondi Residences Epanomi - a family home on the stunning Thermaic Gulf of Northern Greece.

Located in a quiet village on the seafront, Rimondi Residences Epanomi is a classic Greek home with a welcoming soul just 15km away from Thessaloniki Airport and 25km from Thessaloniki city. Life moves slowly here, in a place where the gentle lapping of the waves serenades every morning, and the gentle hum of small-town life invites you into a state of absolute peace.

Warm, laid-back and effortlessly comfortable, Rimondi Residences Epanomi is the perfect retreat for family and group holidays. Traditional village design, contemporary amenities and access to some of the country's best beaches make for a retreat that's both comforting and adventurous. Uncover a quainter, quieter side of the Mediterranean inside this calming and cosy family-style serviced residence.