Discover Epanomi

A rustic hamlet on the doorstep of the Chalkidiki peninsula, Epanomi is a quaint village with a lot to offer. Gentle coastlines, an intimate energy and fantastic sea tavernas make for a holiday base like no other.


The three-fingered pride of Northern Greece, the Chalkidiki region is increasingly becoming one of the country's most renowned areas - and for good region. Lush green vegetation, unspoiled beaches and kilometres of exotic coastline make for a perfect holiday destination. A snapshot of a bygone era, Chalkidiki harkens back to a time of quiet, quaint living - a lifestyle you'll surely discover at Rimondi Residences Epanomi.

To discover the best of the peninsula, the best way to explore is by making your way around the coastline. Journey through a network of small-scale fishing villages, head to the beaches on the southern tip or even consider a journey to the sacred Mouth Athos. Wherever you go, you'll be surrounded by immense natural beauty, as well as the shadow of Mount Olympus in the distance.

Rimondi Residences Epanomi
Petralona Cave

An ancient marvel and a geological wonder. Petralona Cave attracts visitors from all around the world for its impressive stalactites, prehistoric rock formations and mystical atmosphere. But there's more. Archaeological excavations here have found proto-human fossils dating back almost 800,000 years, as well as evidence of the first man-made fire - nearly 1,000,000 years old.

Journey to Petralona from Epanomi and get a fascinating glimpse back in time, enriching your stay with an experience very few get to have.


For a taste of the cosmopolitan, Epanomi lies only a short drive from Greece's second city: Thessaloniki. The capital of the north and the younger, laid-back sister of Athens, Thessaloniki is a city well worth exploring. A vibrant arts scene, fascinating ancient monuments and world-class dining options make for a city break you'll never forget.